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 Substantial, unknown levels of production are lost every day due to poor equipment effectiveness and inefficient processes. The INS Pathfinder process is designed to help manufacturers identify where opportunities exist to leverage existing plant floor systems; where the gaps exist keeping you from meeting your objective; and the best approach to address those issues and meet your operational goals. Often, there is hidden intelligence within your plant floor systems and with the right effort, you can uncover that intelligence and improve your operation.  The Pathfinder process is just that.

The steps along the path are defined, proven and begin with a walk-through of your facility, by one of our expert resources. From there, an approach can be defined and discussed. The value of Pathfinder is in the ability to determine the quickest path to achieving your operational goals. It is rarely a question of "if," but rather a question of "when."  Pathfinder also seeks to:

• Start small to get the “quick win”
• Leverage your existing plant floor systems and infrastructure
• Utilize the expertise (your personnel, as well as our specialists)
• Leverage off-the-shelf and available technologies
• Reduce the time-to-value with proven results


Pathfinder Approach

•  Customer-specific: Our customer- specific approach allows us to meet the needs, and not force a one size fits all approach.

•  Scalable: Sometimes a quick-win is necessary to prove a concept. In other situations, system, process and training requirements dictate a more detailed plan.

•  Time-sensitive: Speed is important and we recognize that whatever the size project, customers expect the most efficient and effective path to meet their goals.

Pathfinder Process

Pathfinder Process


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