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Operational Change Management

OCM2Operational Change Management (OCM) is more than training your employees to understand and function with a new technology.   OCM is a directionally-based program that works to identify successful as well as challenged areas in a project, or process and builds a roadmap for improvement.  This INS developed solution reveals areas of opportunity leveraging quantitative and qualitative analysis. 

OCM can be engaged pre- and/or post-implementation, and can be leveraged as a management tool throughout project implementation. OCM uses Elicitation principles to solicit feedback from a diverse audience in ways that are conducive to gaining valuable information about the current state of your domain.  

Our OCM process can include personnel training and post implementation adoption analysis as part of reaching the desired goal. The final result is gained clarity of your environment and a platform that helps you achieve your project goals.

OCM can be used when:

  • A project has lost vision or purpose
  • A project has a very diverse audience with differing requirements
  • Areas of opportunity are unknown or uncertain
  • It is not known how users perceive your solution

Why consider OCM?

  • Lower cost approach to help avoid project issues that waste resources 
  • Validates project is meeting original goals and objectives
  • Qualifies results in a non-partisan manner
  • Addresses the change management impact of a project

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