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Standard Operating Procedures

workflowMany plant operators lack clear procedures and must rely heavily on personal experience, which produces inconsistent results. Across the operations team, that inconsistency gets multiplied – especially as your best operators retire and you have new operators with little experience.

Available technologies allow the electronic capturing and sharing of standard operating procedures, simplifying the documentation of processes, transfer of knowledge and driving critical consistency and predictability across your plant. The digitization of manual and automated processes with one tool across your entire facility – provides information as needed for all resources - from plant operators and maintenance teams to field crews and leadership.

Typical Electronic SOP Screen


Benefits of Electronic Standard Operating Procedures

• Every operator functions as an expert – with interactive, step-by-step instructions
• Reduced downtime, maintenance and costs across operations
• Reduced error rate and risk
• Integrated SCADA and CMMS systems for real-time, condition-based asset management
• Captured knowledge of best operators before they retire
• Record and track work processes for compliance

Electronic SOP

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