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To optimize your operation's performance, one needs to define, relate & analyze the the key performance indicators (KPI's) that impact your organization.

The challenge: How do you move away from managing the effort to collect the necessary data, and instead turn to analyzing the impact your KPI’s have on your organization? INS will help you accomplish that with solutions that deliver intelligence to any level of your organization – from corporate executive, to management decision maker, even to plant floor personnel.

What are INS' KPI tracking solutions?
• System Agnostic: Whether you have an ERP system, or a collection of disparate systems, we can bring the relevant data together for your KPI analysis.
• Role-Based: Different views can be provided based on roles, with the ability to restrict visibility to relevant KPI’s.
• Customizable: Regardless of the KPI’s, your view of them is completely customizable in a dashboard to include graphs, trend analysis, indicators, reporting or balance scorecard functionality.

Our KPI Tracking Solutions Can Also Aid In:
• Change Management: Targeted views can aid in change management and adoption of your corporate initiative, showing an individual’s impact to the overall goal.
• Mobile Data Collection: Mobile collection devices can be deployed as part of the solution to reduce or eliminate the lag time in collecting the data necessary for your KPI tracking.
• Replacing Paper Systems: Reducing or eliminating the use, storage and disposal of paper from your manual KPI tracking processes
• Interfacing to Manual Data: Data entry interface can be created to better optimize the time required to capture manual data and eliminate translation errors in the process.

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