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Discrete & Other Manufacturing

DiscreteAs a complex discrete manufacturer today, you're part of multi-faceted, fast-moving supply chains in an increasingly global and ­competitive ­environment. Orchestrating the movement of parts and components around the world is an intricate process, especially as constant change becomes the norm.

INS'  production management solution—helps you anticipate, collaborate and orchestrate responses to dynamic operational conditions. And you can do this with greater agility and precision. Solutions can not only provide visibility to key metrics, but also fully digitizes your processes, providing real-time connectivity, operational visibility, and standardization.

High Performing Manufacturers

Better, faster decisions come from visibility across the plant floor systems. INS provides solutions the plant to other enterprise systems.

Manufacturers can then easily collect, track, and report manufacturing intelligence, resulting in:

     - Shorten NPI time to market

     - Leaner product cycles

     - Improved quality processes

     - Lower manufacturing costs 

     - Reduced work in process
Discrete Manufacturing

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