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FoodMontageThe food & beverage industry, along with consumer package goods make up an array of different products, with many different processes. Those processes can vary widely, but most all depend on specific procedures or recipes to be followed and verified. Variances not captured in time or not reported with urgency, as with all consumer goods, could spell disaster.

Viewing this critical intelligence across product lines, plant locations, or processes could help address an internal problem, before it became a costly product issue. Shortening the transition from awareness to action can be a competitive differentiator.

High Performing Consumer Goods Manufacturers

- Implement high performance computing and control at the machine level.

- Integrate systems with analytic tools to enable operators to be more effective and take action.

- Maintain consistency of product and improve knowledge sharing, via electronic work standards.

- Ensure inbound quality with track & trace data detailing ingredient history and exposing margin loss.

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