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Scoreboards & Dashboards

Reports GreyScoreboards and dashboards can bring visibility to an enterprise’s key performance indicators (KPIs), providing a powerful means to capture and monitor operational information. They illuminate your business by providing consolidated views of key metrics that show a real-time snapshot of an enterprise’s performance. This visibility can allow executives, managers, operators and other employees at any level of the organization to monitor the health, address the issues and sieze the opportunities, as they present themselves, in real-time; enabling decision-making closer to the event, resulting in a more impactful decision.

INS' expertise is in our ability to collect data from most any source, store it and then provide our customers an effective visualization of that data so they can effectively monitor the impact. A great way to effectively render that data, via a flat panel screen, a laptop, or a mobile device is in a dashboard, or scoreboard format.

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Scoreboards & Dashboards

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