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Report HistorianHistorians, by themselves are good at connecting islands of information, trending and archiving, but not good for extended reporting.  When that need arises, you need a reporting tool.

INS solutions for Extending Historian Reporting allow aggregation of data from live process data, but also historical process data, as well as from databases in other areas of the organization, while offering the flexibility and capability of more customized reporting.

  • Reports can be delivered  - on demand, periodically (daily, weekly, etc.) or by "triggers." 
  • Reports are browser-based so can be viewed from any device.
  • Tools allow someone familiar with SQL Server Reporting Services and historians to easily produce more customized reports for the organization.
  • Solutions work seamlessly with Proficy Historian as an extended reporting tool, when standard views or functionality of Proficy Historian Analysis tools do not meet the need.
  • Have flexible time definitions allowing any report to be set up with any interval.
  • Maintain full drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide powerful data aggregation at runtime; with no aggregated data stored.
  • Export options include PDF, Excel or can also be exported into Proficy Scheduler. 

Extending Historian Reporting

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