SCADA room in manufacturing plant

Automation Reporting to Any Device

SCADA ReportingSCADA Reporting

Easily connects to automation and industrial systems

Real-time connectivity to SCADAs, HMIs, PLCs, and databases

As an online solution, can still produce a PDF, Excel, along with Web or Database output

Automation Reporting across the Operation 

Automation, reporting and data analysis is designed specifically for reporting from industrial automation. Solutions Include connectors into most all popular automation platforms, including GE Intelligent Platforms, with direct interfaces for Proficy® HMI/SCADA – iFIX, Proficy HMI/SCADA – CIMPLICITY.

Solutions are flexible and...

• Fit reporting needs in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets.
• Are configurable, leveraging a library of pre-built report templates.
• Provide dynamic filtering and navigation..
• While proprietary and not easily customized, will not require any programming skills to generate reports
• Leverages all real-time, historic, and business data sources.
• Delivers a Web Portal enabling you to see reports and interact with them.
• Mobile aware and will enable you to view in either Mobile form or full PC form, depending on device.

Communication FlexibilityDevice Connectivity

Automation Reporting

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