Real-time reporting for manufacturing plants

Leveraging BI for Manufacturing

connected_keep organization connectedManufacturing data collected from the plant floor is typically higher in volume and exhibits much more granularity when compared to other business intelligence. BI for Manufacturing provides the opportunity to integrate enterprise data, with manufacturing data sources for the enterprise. 

To achieve business intelligence for manufacturing, information between people (most importantly operators) and systems must be achieved. 

What Enterprise Reporting Will Provide

- Real time integration of enterprise data, with manufacturing data sources from, multiple plants

- KPIs that can be calculated and visualized, starting from individual resources, aggregating up to the factory level

- Ability to analyze correlations between various production tasks from different functions, from different perspectives and across different locations

- Assurance that all necessary data is secure and readily available to the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance

Enterprise Reporting

BI for Manufacturing

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