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Benefits of Getting Access to Actionable Information in Real-Time

Information at a Glance: Dashboards can present a wide number of different metrics in a single consolidated view, bringing visibility of all systems across an enterprise.

Real-Time Information Tracking: Dashboards are driven off of current data in real-time or near real-time, allowing individuals to view and react to business metrics and trends and quickly respond to issues and opportunities.

Customizable to Different Management Levels: Views can be customized to each individual user based on their roles/needs. An executive could receive a complex graph of company productivity, while the floor manager may need productivity specifics broken down by section, and the operator may want to see their line’s specific details for the week. 

Change Management:
Targeted views can aid in change management and adoption of your corporate initiative, showing an individual’s impact to the overall goal.

Replacing Paper-based Systems & Mobile Data Collection:
Dashboards/mobile data can reduce or eliminate the use, storage and disposal of costly paper-based systems. Incorporating mobile collection devices into your solution helps reduce or eliminate the lag time in collecting necessary data.

Visibility of Trends:
Trending is an invaluable tool when watching constant, real-time data. Over time, individuals will be able to see the trending of data, allowing them to make informed decisions, identify and correct negative trends.


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