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Tempered Networks 

TemperedNet-NEWLOGO   The Tempered Networks solution facilitates the provisioning and management of secure, private overlay networks. The product suite consists of 3 tightly integrated components: 

  • HIPswitch Conductor™ - a scalable orchestration engine
  • HIPswitches - industrial and data-center grade security appliances
  • SimpleConnect™ - management console and user interface

 The Tempered Networks solution is a foundational component in a defense-in-depth security architecture to provide hardened, resilient networks. 

SimpleConnect allows plant engineers to easily implement network segmentation on top of the existing corporate IP network to create private secure environments for their industrial automation networks.

Compared to traditional methods?

Today’s choices for managing security and connectivity for industrial IT networks include: Jump PC (front-end PC), use of a local firewall/NAT router, use of VLANs, and deployment of a parallel network infrastructure. All of these traditional approaches are expensive, brittle, and NOT flexible.

SimpleConnectTM Benefits:
  • Transparent drop-in solution with easy administration allows rapid deployment, which saves costs, decreases time to value and reduces deployment risk.

  • Easily create private networks while eliminating VLANs, which saves labor costs and reduces plant floor downtime.

  • Add wireless connectivity to legacy IP wired-only devices increases flexibility, allowing your plants to change as your manufacturing needs change. This can lead to increased plant yield and an increase in OEE.
  • By having delegated management of the private networks, SimpleConnectTM provides as-needed remote network access, which allows for faster MTTF and an increase in customer satisfaction.

  • SimpleConnectTM provides enterprise-grade security, which reduces security risk and helps provide IT, NERC CIP, and regulatory compliance.

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Tempered Networks Founder/CEO Jeff Hussey (founder of F5 Networks) on why we have to change the way we deploy networks today with our revolutionary technology.

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