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Kepware is the world leader in development of OPC Servers, communication drivers and tools that communicate to controllers, I/O and field devices.

has the widest range of available “Plug-in”­ device drivers and components for the industrial market with over 100 downloadable drivers that support 1000s of model types. The single, consistent interface of KEPServerEX allows you to truly maximize the promise of OPC. You can add many devices utilizing multiple drivers all within the KEPServerEX interface without worrying about learning new communication protocols or spending time understanding new applications.

The U-CON Protocol Server enables you to quickly and easily develop communications drivers for nearly any serial device or Ethernet device such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader, printer, weigh scale, sensor, or some other industrial device.

CID (Custom Interface Driver) is the ideal solution to quickly and easily add proven interoperability to any of your custom integration projects, from small applications with one deployment, to the delivery of professional packaged for deployment industry wide. The Custom Interface Driver is an additional interface to KEPServerEX, like a communications driver, enabling easy, secure and reliable communications between KEPServerEX and your CID compliant software solution

KepServerex Arch
Proven Interoperability
» Drivers and client connectivity for isolated automation systems.

Centralized Communications
» A single communications platform simplifying communications management.

On Demand Scalability
» Plug-and-play device drivers, client interfaces, and advanced options.

Industrial Strength
» Tested & approved for industrial use.

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