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Proficy OEE

Proficy for OEEThe Power of 1%

Reducing downtime by just 1% on critical equipment for a typical manufacturer can provide significant revenue opportunities and annual cost savings.

How can manufacturers drive operational excellence and do more with less?

With Proficy OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). It’s an out-of-the-box software offering that helps you continuously monitor, measure, and improve your manufacturing performance. Honed by GE's world-class manufacturing processes, Proficy OEE is a simple tool with best-of-breed Efficiency Management capabilities.

Proven to deliver. And scalable to meet your continuous improvement initiatives.

Features / Benefits:

  • Track Efficiency Losses (speed, waste, downtime) more accurately, automatically, with less clerical effort
  • Automatically categorize losses by product, crew, shift, order, batch, equipment, fault
  • Fast time-to-value, with ready-to-use detection models, displays, dashboards, and reports
  • Easy to clarify reasons, splits, corrective actions, and comments interactively
  • Improved thin client user interface for simpler deployment
  • Log other data in the context of downtime and waste, such as energy and material consumption and cost

GE’s Proficy OEE Enables Key Improvements:

  • 39% reduced downtime
  • 2% reduced waste
  • 4% reduced inventory
  • 10% improved production efficiency

The Big Idea

OEE measures the percentage of planned production_time that is truly productive. Many manufacturing lines are only 60% productive, meaning there are tremendous opportunities for improvement. One of the fastest return-on-investment areas of GE’s Operational Excellence Journey is maximizing the utilization of existing equipment with Proficy OEE.
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