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iReport Plus

iReportPlusiReportPlus is a proven solution for many industries with best practice reports that enable rapid and secure implementation.

Features include:
•   Open, robust and automatic capture of your plant floor data at high resolution
•   Integration of existing PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMI or SQL based systems
•   Powerful aggregation of raw data to get the right data out
•   Open and flexible report design to be able to do the reports
•   Interactive and easy to use report navigation and generation
•   Based on current Industry and IT standards like OPC, SQL and Reporting Services
•   Is Cloud Enabled 

Meets a Variety of Industry Needs

Water & Wastewater
•    Production reports for production and cleaning including energy usage 
•    Balance reports for production and consumption of water
•    Lab reports combined with process data
•    Pump Station reports including running time, starts, failure’s, etc.

 Energy & Power 
•    Production reports including calculating energy 
•    Utilization reports for production units

Food & Beverage
•    Balance reports including energy, water, steam and compressed air. 
•    Lab reports combined with process data 
•    Batch reporting for integration of production values, consumptions and alarms 
•    Compliance reports

Steel & Industrial
•    Compliance reports for integration of production values, consumptions and alarms

Custom Historian Reporting

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