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iFixProficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX offers a robust SCADA engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture, and highly scalable and distributed networking model. Used in a variety of diverse industries, it is ideally suited for many applications - ranging from typical HMI as simple as manual data entry and validation to very complex SCADA such as batch, filtration and distributed alarm management.

This proven software also complies with industry standards, making it ideal as part of a more IT-focused, real-time data management system. Providing a window into your total operations cycle, iFIX enables faster, more intelligent control and visibility into your operations.

Why iFIX?

  • iFIX is a proven scalable solution, which can operate on a single node or scale up to 200+ nodes
  • Although iFIX has the ability to connect to most any device via an OPC server, iFIX also comes with  many standard built in native drivers addressing the need for connecting the major PLC brands
  • iFIX is completely hardware independent and provides the flexibility of communicating with multiple makes of hardware from a single server.
  • The wide variety of prebuilt dynamos, the user-friendly interface of the development 'Workshop' environment and the integration with the rest of the Proficy suite enables you to deploy solutions faster than the competition
  • VBA Scripting and .NET component hosting enables easy connections to IT level systems and VBA/.NET are the world’s most used computer languages for industry.
  • Out of the box, you get the best in class, full-featured SCADA system along with enhanced failover and Historian integration that is simple to develop and easy to maintain
  • Upgrading from previous iFIX versions is easy & seamless
  • The e-signature functionality is the best in the business

iFIX delivers:

  • Powerful Supervisory Monitoring and Control
  • True Client / Server Architecture for Easy Scalability
  • Enhanced security and accountability
  • Ease of Use for New and Experienced Users
  • Simplified application integration to Other Software, Systems and Devices
  • Powerful Thin Client Technologies
  • Sophisticated Alarming & Trending
  • OPC Client, Server, and Alarm & Events
  • Native Drivers and OPC Device Connectivity
  • Integration with Change Management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 for regulated industries
  • Flexibility and reliability of connecting and presenting data
  • Scalability from isolated sensor to company-wide integration
  • Best-in-class information analysis, real-time data management and control
  • Adherence to industry standards for improved consistency, quality & compliance
  • A Proficy foundational platform that enables tools for advanced analysis, Work Process Management, operational excellence & more.

Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFix

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